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Hire the services of a professional to paint your residential, commercial and industrial buildings, whether indoor, outdoor or both.

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House Painting Services

Delta Experts will connect you with professional residential painters in your region, whether you need one to paint a new house or to repaint your house, or whether it is only for the interior or the exterior of the house or both. A fresh and professionally applied paint job does not only increase the charm and value of a house, but it also helps in preventing the formation of mold, given the high level of humidity in Mauritius.

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Commercial Painters

Painting a residential and commercial/industrial building requires two different skill sets. Depending on their business types, commercial and industrial buildings must abide to different and strict health and safety measures. It may not be a very wise idea to hire a residential painter to paint your commercial or industrial buildings! Delta Experts will connect you with professional commercial painters for all the painting jobs of your commercial and industrial buildings, whatever their size and location.

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