Office Cleaning Services

The COVID pandemic has forced us to change our habits. Not only do we not have to pay extra attention to our personal hygienic habits but we also have to make sure that our environment is regularly cleaned and sanitized. Delta Experts will give you access to cleaning professionals throughout the country, whether for a one-off job or for regular employment.

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  • Daily Office Cleaning
  • General deep cleaning
  • Window Panes Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Shampoo Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning

Daily Office Cleaning

Keep your offices properly cleaned and sanitized with the assistance of the cleaning specialists from the Delta Experts platform. The COVID pandemic has opened our eyes to the importance of proper hygiene; nowadays, it is not just an option, but it is vital for the safety of employees and clients. Wherever the location of your offices or its size, we will find the appropriate professionals to keep it cleaned and sanitized.

Price: After consultation

General deep cleaning

Whether you have just set up or renovated your offices, you will need to get it deep cleaned before you and your employees can move in. Or maybe you just need to get your offices thoroughly cleaned to move back in after the COVID 19 lockdown. Leave this job to professionals to ensure that it is properly done. Delta Experts will give you access to an extensive list of cleaning professionals throughout the country.

Price: After consultation

Window Panes Cleaning

Clients will not be very keen to be in business with a company they have a bad impression of! Likewise, employees need a clean and pleasant atmosphere to flourish! Always make a good impression and maintain a clean environment by keeping the window panes of your offices spotless with the services of cleaning specialists available on Delta Experts.

Price: After consultation

Floor Cleaning

Always keep the floors of your offices spotless by hiring the services of cleaning specialists via Delta Experts. We specialise in connecting clients with service providers in their region. Wherever your offices are located in Mauritius and regardless of the types of floors you need to get cleaned, we will find the right professional for you.

Price: After consultation

Pressure Cleaning

One of the most effective deep cleaning methods is pressure cleaning. It is convenient for all types of building surfaces, whether floors or walls. Delta Experts will connect you with professionals specializing in pressure cleaning throughout Mauritius. You only have to register on our platform and make a booking, and we will take care of the rest for you!

Price: After consultation

Shampoo Cleaning

Clean and sanitize all the rugs, carpets, sofas and chairs in your offices by hiring the services of cleaning professionals via Delta Experts. We have an extensive list of professionals on our platform, covering the whole country.

Price: After consultation

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is very effective for sofas, chairs, carpeted floor or other fabric elements. Moreover, in this post COVID world, using steam cleaning makes sure your environment is properly sanitized. Delta Experts will connect you with professional cleaners specializing in steam cleaning. All you have to do is to make a booking and we will do the rest for you!

Price: After consultation